Homebuyer Services

Buying a home is a pretty big deal.

You'll want to see what you are getting into.

How’s the roof look?
Are there termites?
Is the plumbing OK?
The electrical?
Are the windows and doors functional?
Any signs of water damage? Foundation in good shape?

What about the trees?

Issues of deferred maintenance, structural concerns, cavitation or instability…. these and other tree concerns could potentially add thousands to the cost associated with your new home. A detailed understanding of the trees on the property and their condition provides you with the information you need to negotiate with the seller over what needs attention right now and prepares you for what your trees will require in the future.

During your inspection window we can meet with you and your realtor to view the property’s trees and discuss their condition, analyze their previous care and anticipate their needs and expenses for the future.

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