Tree Risk Assessment

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Concerns about a tree’s safety may require a Risk Evaluation. This involves an onsite examination of the tree in question to establish an informed opinion about the tree’s stability and structural integrity.

Level One Evaluation

A Level One evaluation is performed at ground level and is an examination for obvious defects or concerns. It is a “walk-around” of the tree and usually provides enough information for informed choices to be made about what is appropriate for the tree in question. This is the least expensive/least invasive type of evaluation.

Level Two Evaluation

Areas of concern may arise during a Level One evaluation that call for additional examination procedures such as climbing the tree to examine the crown, probing to determine the extent of decay, root-crown excavation and so forth. Such tests, if required,  move the evaluation from a Level One category to a Level Two and involves additional charges.

In addition to my status as a Certified Arborist I have a separate certification in Tree Risk Analysis issued by the International Society of Arboriculture which is awarded after undergoing training in the proper methodology for such evaluations and subsequently passing a qualifying examination which tests field evaluation and applied knowledge requirements.



  • Where should I plant my next fruit tree?
  • Why won’t this hedge fill out down low?
  • Why is my tree so lopsided?
  • What can be done about the loss of my treasured view beyond my neighbor’s trees?
  • What should I plant over here to form a screen? Create shade? Enhance the landscape?

There may be important questions about your trees for which you need answers. These answers can often be provided in a General Evaluation. 30+ years of working in gardens on trees has provided a wealth of practical information that can be put to your service in resolving – or avoiding – conflicts and problems created by or visited upon your trees.

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